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Brownie Cove Express is a surreal and atmospheric interactive-fiction game about trains, snow, ghosts, and memories. Meet strange characters on this mysterious journey and explore their stories through experimental text, sounds, and videos. Brownie Coves Express takes inspiration from: - Kentucky Route Zero - Anodyne - The Dream Machine - Samorost - The Norwood Suite - ISLANDS: Non-Places - As well as various writers, artists, musicians, and other contexts.


On an antique train travelling seemingly forever through winding mountain paths, snowy forests, and glacial ravines, a Traveller wakes up unaware of how they got there or where they are going. Inside the train live other travellers: a Wanderer, an Artist, Lovers, a Mother, a Pilgrim, and a Warrior. Over the course of the journey you will uncover their stories, your character’s mysterious past, and dive deep into the world of Brownie Cove.


  • A world rich and dense with stories that connect and interweave in surprising ways.
  • Choices and interactions reflecting player expression and curiosity.
  • Strange and mysterious characters?
  • A variety of interactive sequences that break away from the text interface including: audio interview clips, first-person 3D environments, FMV-style videos, and procedurally generating glitchy mould!
  • Where is this train going?
  • An art style inspired by collage, theatre set design, and lo fi webcomics.
  • Haunting and subtle ambient music and soundscapes.
  • Why can’t I remember anything?


Alpha Trailer YouTube

Alpha Gameplay Video YouTube




Selected Articles

  • "The artwork is excellent and the trailer and official website help to create a surreal and unsettling tone."
    - KJ Robertson, Alpha Beta Gamer

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About Sand Gardeners

The Sand Gardeners are Sam Machell and Zephyr Raine. They are interested in ghosts, decaying technology, liminal spaces, text, and cultural memory. Their mission is to explore ideas relevant to today’s world in new and boundary-pushing ways.

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Brownie Cove Express Credits

Sand Gardeners
Everything but audio

Némo Garcia
Audio, Sound design

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks