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Dec 04, 2017

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You can't remember what time it is, but you know it is late. You have just checked into your room at the Brownie Cove Hotel. The bed is lumpy and you can't sleep, but the TV is tempting...


Between Stations was made for Ludum Dare 40th, with the theme “the more you have the worse it is”. We focused on the idea of player-agency, and the idea of giving players more agency being a bad thing. The stories and choices in the game are almost always out of the player’s control in a way similar to watching TV, and so the gameplay is more about following curiosity and exploring miniature vignettes, scenes, and ideas at the player’s own pace. In your hotel room you CAN watch: humorous TV, spooky TV, frighteningly emotive TV - and everything in between! Perhaps someplace, you may find meaning in all this sdfavasfjkl static. ___________________ At EGX Leftfield 2018 we showed Between Stations in a unique installation setup, highlighting the playfulness of interaction... the immersiveness of life, art spaces, and video games... and tried to have some fun with the way we expressed things like hoplessness and sadness.


  • 13 different channels to discover, each with unique graphics, story and audio!
  • Immersive graphics shader and TV simulation!
  • A mysterious world outside the TV that you cannot explore!
  • Stories, places, characters, all out of reach and unable to control!
  • You can’t stop watching the TV!
  • Tune in now!


Playthrough from gamejamcurator YouTube




Selected Articles

  • "I am drawn to see all of the shows and understand what is behind each one…"
    - Jupiter Hadley, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "Between Stations catches this scenario perfectly and is also such an amazing narrative experience, that I really hope that you will play it."
    - Sebastian Standke, gamejamcurator
  • "The deliberately mundane vessel of old, late-night hotel television is elevated by parodical wit and the elements of novelty and surprise."
    - , The Indie Game Website
  • "Guilt, awkwardness, humour, unease and confusion are delivered in rapid succession by this game, presented purely through simple multiple choice decision making."
    - , Finger Guns
  • "EGX’s Leftfield Collection is famous for always having at least one game with a strange custom hand built controller. Actually this year there’s more than one, but Between Stations stands out."
    - Tom Hatfield, Trusted Reviews

Ludum Dare Entry Page

Between Stations at EGX Left-field

About Sand Gardeners

The Sand Gardeners are a casual cross-channel collective currently comprising conceptual artist Sam Machell and visual programmer Colin le Duc. They are interested, varyingly, in lost futures, haunted texts, and psychedelic memories of abandoned worlds. They have exhibited work internationally, across the fields of video games, playful installation, and visual art.

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Sand Gardeners
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Tim Schrock
Music for few channels

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